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Before you write to the podcast, you may want to check if I’ve already answered a similar question before. All of the columns and podcasts are tagged with themes that might answer your question. Here’s an explanation of each tag below.

Considering polyamory

Whether you’re considering it or your partner has asked you about it, here are the entries we have for folks considering polyamory for themselves or their current relationships — both the good and the bad scenarios.

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Reaching out to find others

How do you find other people who are polyamorous or tell a friend or someone you like that you’re polyamorous. These are all about reaching out and finding others.

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Relationship progression and family

Now that you have your relationship(s), where does it go from here? How do you deal with marriage or raising a family?

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Insecurity and needs

How do you manage your own needs with others, boundaries and the feeling that you’re not ‘enough’ for someone? These articles are for people struggling to balance and communicate their needs.

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Managing difficult emotions

Polyamory isn’t always pretty and it can sometimes bring a lot of emotional turmoil. People struggling with mental health issues may be especially struggling. Here are all the entries around managing your emotions.

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Emotional responsibility and metamours

What emotional responsibilities do you have in a relationship and where do the end? How do you navigate relationships with metamours? These are for and about negotiation.

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Dating friends

Are friends of partners off limits? How do you navigate fears around your partner dating your friends? These are the entries about dating friends.

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Infidelity and sex

How do you navigate the boundaries of STI prevention in an open relationship? Can you cheat and by polyamorous or is polyamory just another way of cheating — but ethically? These entries tackle sexuality, sexual expression, STIs and infidelity.

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Long distance

These entries are for those struggling with the complications of long distance relationships in polyamory.

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Switching, closing and abuse

These entries are for those trying to figure out the right time to break up, regretting opening or wanting to close the relationship and also for those who may be in dangerous situations.

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General polyamory writings

I’ve written a few articles in general about non-monogamous relationships which include things I’ve learned and address common pitfalls in most polyamory advice as well as dealing with mental health issues while being polyamorous or trying polyamory.

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