Please feel free to ask for advice by email or recording a voice note. I aim to respond to all questions in seven business days, but may not be able to promise this. I do get consult from a therapist, but my columns are not a replacement for professional advice, but are my opinion only. Neither of these are emergency contacts for mental health issues.


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Podcast Reviews

"Finding this podcast has changed the way I think about non monogamy in such a positive and helpful way. I would go as far to say, it’s changed my life for the better. And that’s just not hyperbole! Keep up the fantastic work!"
June 2021
"I’m so happy I’ve found your podcast. This has brought so much understanding of myself through emotions and understand the moments we are in. Patience and truth in myself - I look forward to hearing more. Thank you!"
Mar 2021
"You dispel so many myths about non monogamy and show people that having problems/ difficult emotions in non monogamous relationships doesn’t have to lead to switching to monogamy. "
Sept 2020
“Your podcast and columns are helping me feel comfortable and ready to become non monogamous. I have mental health issues and that’s been difficult to manage along with becoming non monogamous. You have great insight and empathy while also being firm and blunt.”
Dec 2020
“This podcast covers a range of topics relating to polyamory in an open and honest way, with good advice on boundaries and handling difficult situations - well worth a listen 😊.”
July 2019
“I absolutely love this podcast. I wish there were more polyamory podcasts like yours because most of the one I’ve found are really boring and not as insightful as yours!”
Sept 2020

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