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Please be aware that this is an advice column, not an emergency service.

If you are struggling with any mental health issue and you have immediate needs, I urge you to contact local mental health services including suicide hotlines if needed.

I aim to respond to all questions in 7 working days. My process is to contact you to confirm I have written or recorded a response and send you that response. I also send the columns to Kathy Slaughter, LSCW and then send you any comments she forwards as needed.. If I sense you need an urgent response or have passed 7 days, I will send you my response first and follow up with any comments from the therapist I work with.

Due to time commitments, I can only answer your initial question. I don't have the ability to answer follow up questions or responses to my responses.

Please understand that this is for a public facing column and podcast. I anonymise names and omit locations but I cannot know what is and isn't a revealing detail outside of this and I will often include your entire letter minus your name and location in my column/podcast.

If there are details you want me to know but omit in public you need to specify that. Once it's on the internet, it's on the internet. Please feel free to send me a follow-up email if you wish to update/change your question with this in mind.

I can and do answer questions for individuals without posting them on a column but this is very ad-hoc and totally at my discretion. If you would like 121 advice, please check my Patreon.

Thank you for your understanding.