Emotional Responsibility and Metamours

What emotional responsibilities do you have in a relationship and where do the end? How do you navigate relationships with metamours? These are for and about negotiation.

Being a middleman

Reading Time: 5 minutes I am a 32 yo female bisexual who has always leaned more toward women than men. However, I met the man who made me want to have a serious relationship (44 yo male) and grow old with. He also met another female (43 yo female) he was interested in.  I am a free spirit and …

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Privacy boundaries

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have been in a relationship with a man in an open marriage for 3 years. In the beginning I was told his wife read our texts out of fear of him leaving her. After a year it became clear I had no interest in “stealing” her husband. However, she continues to read our text whenever …

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Left out of a thruple

Reading Time: 5 minutes My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We have kids, cars, a home, and careers built together. We’ve been off and on exploring non monogamy in many forms for about 7 of these years. We’ve tried dating together and it didn’t work out for multiple reasons, but the main thing we got …

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Changing agreements

Reading Time: 3 minutes My partner and I have been together for 10 years. We’ve been practicing polyam off and on throughout our marriage. Recently we decided to open up. We made agreements and decided on our relationship dynamic. He met someone and didn’t say anything. I finally figured it out and asked directly about her. He said she …

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Shunned in a triad

Reading Time: 7 minutes About four months ago, my long-term girlfriend (Z) and I opened our relationship to include her best friend (A). Seemingly everyone was ok with this, nonmonogamy is something I’ve been interested in, but never experienced. Z and A have also been friends for a very long time and have dabbled somewhat in nonmonogamy before. They …

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Emotions are not demands

Reading Time: 4 minutes Do you have any constructive advice for someone loving with a Meta as a roommate? It’s been uniquely difficult compared to previous relationships. I am struggling with the amount of time my primary partner now spends with their new partner. My primary and I have been together monogamously for about 5 years and just opened …

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